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Jagtome™ RX 49Jagtome RX 49 Sphincterotome (Extendable)

Product Number: 1522-09

The Jagtome RX Cannulating Sphincterotome is preloaded with a Jagwire™ High Performance Guidewire to facilitate efficient cannulation. Facilitates a smooth transition from over-thewire to short-wire ERCP technique without removing devices from the endoscope

Guidewire Tip Technology

Engineered for excellent tactile feedback

  • 5cm hydrophilic tip is designed to facilitate duct access
  • Designed to reduce tip impaction trauma during papillary cannulation
  • Tungsten-filled tips provide fluoroscopic visualization to help confirm access during device exchange

Guidewire Design

Insulated guidewire may be left in place during sphincterotomy

  • Kink-resistant, nitinol shaft engineered for wire control and manipulation capabilities
  • Striped movement markers designed to indicate wire positioning during wire advancement and device exchange
  • Endoglide™ Coating intended to promote smooth tracking and enhance tactile sensation


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Caution: U.S. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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