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Autotome™ RX 39Autotome RX 39 / 30mm

Product Number: M00545200
GTIN: 08714729444770
The Autotome RX Cannulating Sphincterotome provides controlled steerability for positioning to facilitate sphincterotomy*.
DirecTip Technology enables the guidewire and contrast to be directed into the duct from the center of the tip, helping the physician inject contrast into the intended duct. The tapered tip enables placement into small or tight orifices.
*Autotome RX 39 and Autotome RX 44 Sphincterotomes only.


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Technical Description
  • Cut Wire Length (mm): 30.0
  • Distal Tip O.D. (Fr): 3.9
  • Recommended Guidewire (in): 0.025
  • Tip Length (mm): 5.0