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EndoVive™ Jejunal Feeding Tube12Fr TTP Jejunal Feeding Tube, Pigtail

Product Number: M00566350
GTIN: 08714729786252

Innovative Device Design

  • Designed for placement through an existing Standard PEG
    • 68 cm length, 8.5Fr TTP J-Tube compatible with 20Fr PEG
    • 68 cm length, 12Fr TTP J-Tube compatible with 24Fr PEG
  • Available in Pigtail Tip and Bent Tip designs, each with a suture loop intended to facilitate distal tip anchoring past the Ligament of Treitz
  • Compatible with both Pull and Push (over-the-wire) Placement Techniques
  • Flexima Material
    • Radiopaque material facilitates fluoroscopic visualization
  • Temp Tip
    • Temporary tapered tip designed to provide smooth tracking into the jejunum to help ensure proper placement
    • Temp Tip is designed to dissolve at body temperature permitting utilization of the full distal tip lumen diameter which may help reduce premature tube clogging
  • Hollow Stiffening Stylet
    • Provides added stiffness designed to improve pushability and permit greater physician control during placement
  • Recommended Anchoring Device
    • Resolution Clip or Resolution 360 Ultra Clip
    • Physician controlled rotation designed to allow easier grasping of J-Tube suture loop


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Caution: U.S. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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