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Expect™ Slimline (SL)25g Expect Slimline (SL)

Product Number: M00555520
GTIN: 08714729848165
The Expect Slimline (SL) Needle is an EUS-FNA needle that is indicated for four diagnostic and therapeutic indications, providing physicians with clinical options to manage their patients. The Expect Slimline (SL) Needle is designed to sample targeted submucosal and extramural gastrointestinal lesions through the accessory channel of a curvilinear echoendoscope. It can also be used for the delivery of injectable materials (fluids) or fiducials into tissue or for passage of accessory devices.

  • Sharp needle grind for precise targeting and sampling
  • Cobalt-Chromium construction*
  • Echogenic pattern extends onto needle tip
  • Stylet cap with integrated clip
  • Custom sheath sizes
  • Control ZONE™ and Lubricomp Polymer Design 

* Cobalt-Chromium is used for all Expect Slimline Needles except for the 19ga Flexible Needle which is made of Nitinol.


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Technical Description
  • Minimum Working Channel (mm): 2.4
  • Sheath Diameter (mm): 1.52
  • Gauge: 25