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WallFlex™ ColonicWallFlex™ Colonic Soft Uncovered 27/22x6 230 cm

Product Number: M00555760
GTIN: 08714729902584

Built on the trusted WallFlex™ platform, the WallFlex Colonic Stent System is designed to be a more flexible option to relieve malignant obstructions of the colon. The WallFlex Colonic Soft Stent is indicated for the palliative treatment of colonic strictures caused by malignant neoplasm and to relieve large bowel obstruction prior to colectomy in patients with malignant strictures.

  • Softer Stent
    • Designed with a lower axial force which may better conform to torturous anatomy such as the sigmoid, flexures, and duodenal bulb
  • Delivery System
    • New low profile 9Fr delivery system, allowing for placement via a 3.2mm channel scope, which may assist in placement in tighter strictures
  • Flexibility
    • With lower radial and axial forces*, WallFlex Colonic Soft Stents are designed for increased flexibility

*as compared to the original WallFlex Colonic and Duodenal Stent System

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Technical Description
  • Guidewire Diameter (in): 0.035
  • Guidewire Diameter (mm): 0.89
  • Working Length (cm): 230.0
  • Stent Diameter (mm): 22.0
  • Stent Length (mm): 60.0
  • Covered: Uncovered
  • Stent Flare Diameter (mm): 27
  • Stent Length (cm): 6.0
  • Working Channel (mm): 3.2

Caution: U.S. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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