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Compliance Endokit™KIT 2.0 10FT 2GOWNS AAMI LVL3 - box of 20

Product Number: CEK-215-20
Compliance EndoKits contain and deliver commonly used accessories for use in endoscopic procedures and/or post-procedural endoscope reprocessing cycle.

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Product Details

Kit Contents:

•    CinchPad™ Green (qty: 1)
•    ECO Bowl (qty: 1)
•    Koala Sponge + Pure Enzymatic YELLOW (qty: 1)
•    EndoChoice Lubricating Jelly - 2 oz (qty: 1)
•    EndoArmor™+ Surgical Gown AAMI Level 3 (qty: 2)
•    Seal Biopsy Valve, Olympus, Fujinon (qty: 1)
•    Suction Tubing, NS 1/4'' x 10' (qty: 1)
•    4"x 6" Bio-Hazard Label - Orange (qty: 1)

Caution: U.S. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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