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OrcaPod™OrcaPod: Orca, Sterile Single Use Air/Water and Suction Valves, Seal Biopsy Valve and Hydra Water Jet Connector - box of 50

Product Number: SUV-629-50
GTIN: 08714729981589

Orca™ Valves

  • Enclosed spring designed to prevent entrapment of fluid or debris which could compromise function and cause valve “sticking”
  • Recessed, matte finish finger grip helps provide greater gripping capability and minimizes finger slippage
  • Precision manufactured shaft and symmetrical center hole designed for consistent fit, function and performance
  • Snap-fit boot designed to secure attachment of valve to cylinder to help prevent leakage
  • Large, flat, color-coded finger perch provides comfort and easy valve identification

Seal™ Single Use Biopsy Valve

  • Single Use to reduce the risk of crosscontamination between patient
  • Designed to minimize leakage and maintains scope pressure while passing device

Hydra™ Disposable Auxiliary Water Jet Connector

  • Single Use – no lost components to replace
  • One-way Valve designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Metal Threading designed to minimize potential to cross thread when connecting to auxiliary water jet

Scope Compatibility

  • Olympus 160/180/190 Series with auxiliary water port


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