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MANTIS Clip 235 cm, BX/10IDM00521421

Product review summary

MANTIS Clip 235 cm, BX/10

With proprietary TruGrip™ anchor prongs, the MANTIS Clip (abbreviated as MANTIS) is designed to deliver tissue span and apposition capabilities, enabling a novel, 3-step approach to closing defects, allowing users to Anchor, Mobilize, and Close2,3.
  • Potential to improve efficieny
    • MANTIS has the potential to do the job of conventional clips4.
  • Precision placement features
    • Enable faster, more accurate placement through one-to- one physician-controlled rotation5.
  • Designed to limit slipping
    • TruGrip™ anchor prongs are designed to allow users to securely grasp healthy tissue, which can limit slippage during mobilization2,3.
  • Enable a Novel Approach
    • Achieve tissue apposition and closure through a the 3-step approach to closing defects: Anchor, Mobilize, Close2.

Order #:M00521421

Product Documentation

Instructions for Use

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